Our name is synonymous with attention to detail and our team resources on four continents allow us to be responsive 24/7. We specialize in translation from English to over 30 languages including French (Parisian/Canadian), German, Spanish (Castilian/Latin), Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese (Brazilian/European), all Scandinavian languages, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Japanese. We also translate into English and offer numerous other language combinations.

Subtitling & Dubbing

Subtitling and dubbing (whether voice-over or lip-sync) are an art form. Our linguists are hand-picked and continuously trained to master the technical skills but also the cultural nuances that are necessary to translate specific content. Once you entrust us with your project, you can relax, knowing that it will be handled perfectly and that all your specs and guidelines will be followed. In this day and age of video on demand and global release dates to counter piracy, our flexible team allows us to deliver high volumes over our secure servers in record turnaround times, without ever sacrificing quality.

Audio & Music Production

Rollin’ Dice comprises a team of award-winning songwriters, composers, and engineers with a combined discography of over 500 records released on major and independent labels alike. We provide music production and audio services for film, TV, video games, as well as select labels and artists. Meet our team and discover our studios.

Storyboarding & Video Production

We now offer storyboarding services. We also have partnerships in place with some of Hollywood’s leading video production companies to accommodate your visual needs, whether big or small. Details and portfolio upon request.

Script/Brand Analysis & Consulting

You’ve written the perfect script or created an amazing product. You’re ready to take the world by storm. After many months of labor and a hefty budget, you finally release your masterpiece. And that’s when you’re told that the name of your superhero is an unfortunate play on words in Chinese or that your brand translates to “lousy” in French… Don’t let that happen. Let us give you a detailed analysis of everything that could potentially hinder your product’s marketability in various territories, so that your chances of success are maximized.




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